The International Day of the Girl Child comes up on the 11th October every year. Girls are accustomed to the internet and other digital technologies, which includes smart devices. Digital Generation Our Generation is the theme for this year’s International Day of the Girl Child.

The term “Digital Generation” refers to a group of people who were born and went through their formative years in an era when digital computing technologies were widely available. As a result of their exposure to and experience with these technologies, the Digital Generation has advanced beyond its predecessors in terms of technological comfort and expertise.

The world must make sure that girls, particularly in underdeveloped nations, may benefit from the technology revolution, which has changed every human being’s existence. Societies with advanced digital technology were able to guarantee the continuation of learning and economic output when COVID-19 required unprecedented public health measures, such as regular lockdowns and the closure of companies and schools.

Girls in underdeveloped nations must be included in the digital transformation. Otherwise, the digital gap will cause them to fall further behind. Currently, there is little chance that millions of illiterate girls who never attended school or dropped out because of poverty, an early marriage, or motherhood will belong to the digital generation. So let’s work together to educate all girls and shield them from the dangers of teen pregnancy and early marriage.
Let’s work together to ensure that girls are connected, supported, and empowered on this International Day of the Girl so that we can co-lead the transformation of the digital world.

President, AWLA Nigeria

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