AWLA continues to Press for Progress as she celebrates 2018 International Women’s Day on March 8.


African Women Lawyers’ Association (AWLA) has resolved to join other women around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) this 8th day of March 2018. By this, AWLA Nigeria plans to highlight the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of Nigerian women by reaching out to them in all spheres of life wherever they are. The day has been earmarked to sensitize the public on what it entails -Progress for the Women in their locality and how they can continue to press for that Progress. The day is also meant to celebrate women’s rights activists, who are championing the cause of women living in urban and rural areas with the aim of transforming their lives for the better. We thank God that this is what AWLA stands for.

The theme for this year is ‘PRESS FOR PROGRESS’, Progress is simply defined as the process of improving, developing or getting nearer to achieving or completing something or taking a step forward. That is why we are here to call for gender equality as regards to Education, equal employment, equal opportunities, equal access to resources and equal power to influence decisions made in their society.

For us in AWLA Nigeria, the Press for Progress mantra involves:

1. Speaking out against any form of discrimination
2. Saying NO to all forms of violence
3. Saying NO to stereotypes
4. Saying NO to harmful culture, values and traditions.
5. Saying NO to Trafficking7 in Persons
6. Saying NO to any form of injustice and indignity to Women.
7. Teaching women their rights and invoking the Laws to protect and promote their interests.
8. Being concerned about women’s access to good health care and essential services
9. Encouraging women to be their sisters’ keepers and advocates.
10. Empowering our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers to educate their children.
11. Strongly condemning the kidnapping and abduction of Chibok/Dapchi girls while imploring the Federal Government and Security Agencies to bring back these girls safely be proactive and guard against any such further reoccurrence
12. Appealing to our women not to shy away from vying for elective positions in politics. Enough of ‘siddon look’ and or ‘God dey’ syndrome
13. Engaging the Legislature and Executive arms of government to make women-friendly laws.
14. Generally becoming active citizens and working towards SDG 12 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

May we all continue to Press for Progress by partnering with AWLA Nigeria and AWLA AFRICA to positively impact more lives.


Happy International Women’s Day!!!

Long live Nigerian Women!

Long live African Women!

Long live Women all over the World!!

Long live Nigeria!

Mandy Asagba


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